Adelaide Mummy Makeover – Emily Garcia

Adelaide winner of the Mummy Makeover Competition, Emily Garcia, shares her special day with us!


I was initially really excited, but as the Mummy Makeover Day got closer, I got more and more nervous. I felt gross and embarrassed because I didn’t really care for myself since having my baby. I didn’t feel like any clothes were going to look good on me but I was excited about the pampering side of things. I haven’t done anything like that since before Olive was born, 18 months ago. I was also excited about the family photoshoot because we hadn’t had any done since Olive was born.

My husband, Boris, was happy for me when I told him I had won. We haven’t been able to afford to buy new clothes, so, he was happy that my whinging would stop about having nothing to wear!


Our Sponsor: Lisa Meakin of Find Your Style
Outfit up to the value of $200 provided by September Baby

I met with Lisa a couple of days before the Mummy Makeover Day. She asked what I liked and she explained what styles would suit my body shape. She was able to get an idea of what I wanted and put some things aside for the day.

On the day of the Mummy Makeover, she told me what the plan was and what shops she had clothes on hold for me to try on. We went straight in and started trying on the clothes. To start with, I almost cried in the change rooms but Lisa found things for me that fit properly and looked okay which made me feel better. When I saw THE dress, I didn’t like it. I almost didn’t try it on but when I put it on, I really liked it and got excited. I started seeing the day more positively.

Now, I’m more confident with choosing clothes. I’m open to trying on things I wouldn’t normally pick. I was wearing the wrong styles and Lisa taught me how to dress for my body shape. She knew what she was doing and I felt like I could trust her. She helped me discover myself again.


by Mobile Makeovers Australia

I arrived at a professional studio. It reminded me of somewhere models would go, so that was exciting. It was set up with all the lights. I met the makeup artist and photographer. They were both really nice. The makeup artist asked me what type of makeup I would like and she collaborated with the photographer to make sure it would suit the photos.

My makeup was really good. I told Vicki I would recommend her to friends. I liked the products she used and her style.


When I was getting my portrait photos done, my family arrived. I was excited because I hadn’t dressed up in ages. It was a bit awkward to start with because I saw my partner from a distance and I was wondering if he liked my dress or shoes but when he got closer, he told me I looked really good so that was encouraging and nice to hear.


by Nadia Marlow of Earthbound Studio
Special thanks to Mel Alexander of Silver Photography

I felt like a model for the day. Nadia got me to pose in different types of angles but I didn’t feel like they were overly “posey”. I knew she was telling me to do things that would make me look good in the photos. She took it seriously but made me feel very comfortable. We started with just me, then the three of us, then just Boris and I.

I get in photos now. I ask hubby to take photos of Olive and I if we are doing something special, instead of just her. I am less critical now. I try not to zoom in to see all of the “negatives”. I just try and take the photo and enjoy the moment.


I felt really good! I was excited. I felt like I was in my late teens again because my friends and I went out for a baby-free girls night afterwards.

From this experience, I feel like I got my confidence back and I don’t hate myself as much as I did before. It was a positive experience and a good message for all Mums to take the time to feel good about themselves and be positive about it as well. Thank you.

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