Baby necessities for your newborn

There are so many lists out there on what items you need to get before your baby arrives. And these lists could go on and on forever. When I was preparing for my birth, I read through so many lists but rather than helping me, they sometimes made me more confused. Did I really need all these things?

After having Emi, I feel like I have a better understanding of the things you actually need and to help you out, I have compiled a list of the absolute necessities. This list covers the basics for you and your baby for their first few months.

Let’s get into it!


Yes, you’re going to need a fair few nappies but believe it or not, you can actually have too many nappies! Your baby will grow very quickly and will go up a size in nappies before you know it! To start with, I’d say you need about 100 nappies of the newborn size; this should get you through the first stage before you need to get a larger size for your baby. I personally recommend Huggies Newborn Nappies. Once Emilia went up a size, I found Baby Love to be my favourite and I still use them!

You’ll notice that you need wipes with you everywhere. I found that Curash Babycare Fragrance Free baby wipes work really well for me and Emi. They are specially formulated and dermatologically tested irritant-free wipes ideal for your baby’s delicate skin. Not once has Emi had nappy rash which is why we stick with this brand.

Bottles and feeding equipment
Depending on your situation and how you go with breast feeding, you may want to stock up on bottles, steriliser, formula and/or a breast pump. However you choose to feed your baby, there is equipment to help you make feeding a little bit easier. I personally have never been able to get Emi to take a bottle but I know this is an essential for a lot of mums out there.

One thing many first-time mums might not expect – and I certainly didn’t – is the congestion your baby can experience during their first few months outside the womb. Lung mucus and a blocked nose may be from their time inside the womb and to help them clear this out, a humidifier works wonders. Combined with some Vicks drops, the steam and vapour may help your baby breathe easier. If you are currently experiencing this and don’t have a humidifier on hand, jump in the shower with bub and let your baby inhale the steam to help them breath a bit easier and seek medical advice if you feel necessary (remember to never feel like any concern is too small to seek medical attention for if you feel something is not right).

Bulb syringe
A bulb syringe and some saline drops are also handy when your baby suffers from a blocked nose and needs that extra help from mum to combat this – little noses can’t blow themselves and a clear nose makes feeding a whole lot easier!

Wash cloths
You’re going to need a whole heap of wash cloths! For bath time, burp time, feeding time, for cleaning their face and hands, and for cleaning yourself – trust me, there is a never ending list of occasions where you need a wash cloth. I bought a couple of 10 packs from Target for $4 each!

Change table and pad
I often read that a change table is not a necessary item before I had Emi but now that I have her I could not live without my change table. My change table offers so much extra storage for nappies, blankets, wipes, creams, swaddles – you name it, there’s a spot for it! It also saves my back the hassle of having to change her on the floor or somewhere not quite high enough. The change pad is also very handy as you can use it wherever you like as it is easy to move around the house. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s portable – you wouldn’t take it with you out when grabbing a coffee – but it’s definitely easy enough to bring with you if you’re going away for a few days.

With an immune system that isn’t fully developed, babies can go through some periods where they get sick quite often. And if your baby is under 6 months old a fever can be a serious concern – it can be a warning sign that something is wrong.

Seek immediate medical attention if your baby is:

  • under three months old with a temperature of 38 degrees C or more
  • under six months with a temperature of 39 degrees C or more

With a thermometer, you can easily check their temperature and keep an eye on their wellbeing.

Nail clippers
Babies have unbelievably sharp little nails and tend to scratch themselves and their mums and anything else that gets in their way! I was told I wouldn’t need them so I didn’t buy any originally but I quickly changed my mind after Emi scratched her face a couple of times. Regularly trimming their nails can help to prevent any injuries.


Bamboo swaddle
To help keep your baby feeling comfortable and safe, a 100% bamboo swaddle is a must-have. Swaddles and wraps made out of bamboo are the softest option and come with so many benefits. Did you know for example that bamboo can help soothe skin allergies? It’s also absorbent and a breathing material which helps your bub remain dry and comfortable. With its anti-bacterial and temperature regulating properties, bamboo also assist in your baby staying cool in summer and warm in winter. And last but not least, these swaddles are so versatile and can be used as not only wraps but as a blanket, a pram cover or breast feeding cover – I always have one with me and Emilia is now 7 months!

If you want to hear more about these benefits, you can watch my video here.

If you already know you want one for your bub, you can buy one here.

Love To Dream swaddles
I used love to dream swaddles from Emi’s first night at home up until she was 6 months old. She knew it was bed time when I zipped her up in one and because it replicates bubs behaviour from inside the womb she was always comfortable and had a quality sleep.
They have ones for winter and summer so it acts as a sheet or blanket also.

I couldn’t recommend these swaddles enough. They are expensive but worth it. I always kept an eye out for second hand swaddles that were listed in my local area to save some dollars.

They have different swaddle stages, check out the newborn – 4 months stage here.

Moses basket bed
While a swaddle is a great start to get your baby sleeping, a Moses basket bed is the perfect companion and an ideal first bed for your baby. With a baby safe and soft waterproof mattress, these handmade baskets create a relaxing space for your baby. Made out of 100% natural maize, these baskets are lightweight yet strong, and of course, eco friendly. Don’t put anything else like soft toys or pillows in your baby’s Moses basket just to ensure they have a safe sleep.

Baby monitor
There are both video and audio models to choose from and depending on your needs, you can find the right one for you with some research. I just think they’re great for first time parents who tend to stress out easily as they let you keep an eye on your baby all the time without risking waking them up by constantly checking in on them. I opted for a cheap one with sound only which has been handy but if I could do it all over again I would get a better quality one with video – this way I can go further (like down to the shed) and be able to get signal and see bub at the same time.

Night light
A night light is so handy to have when checking up on bub during the night. And if you need to change a nappy or feed your baby in the middle of the night (which 9 times out of 10 will be the case!), you can do so without having to turn any lights on and risk waking them up. They also learn the difference between night time and day time having a dim light rather than bright ceiling lights.


I absolutely love the Bonds singlets. Not only are they soft, they are also stretchy and so easy to put on and take off. While they do cost a little bit more than a generic brand, they really are well worth their price as they are so soft and comfortable on your baby’s skin.

Speaking of Bonds, I recommend investing in a comfortable wondersuit. It’s a bodysuit, like a little onesie, but with built-in mittens and socks. They also come with a two-way zip down the legs so that you can change nappies easily and quickly without having to completely undress bub. The mittens prevent your baby from scratching themselves, and the socks always stay on – we all know how good babies are at magically taking their socks off! Wondersuits are up there in the things that have made motherhood easier for me.

They are always bringing out funky new designs and have regular sales on. Take a look here!

Warm blanket
A soft blanket will always come in handy whether if it’s for warmth or for just providing some snuggly safety and comfort for your baby. You never know when you need it and will be happy you have one close by. My favourite blankets have all been hand made by friends or family.

A dummy can be your saviour every now and then. While everyone has their opinion on using dummies, and some babies don’t even take a dummy, like Emilia, I think it’s worth giving it a go. A dummy imitates the nipple which babies suck on not only for food but also for comfort. Lets be real – it is impossible to have them on the boob 24/7 so if your baby will take a dummy it could save you a headache or two when you’re in the car or if they’ve just been fed and you need to get a couple of things done around the house.


Car seat
There are so many models to choose from and different ones will work for different families – the most important thing is that you do your research and find a safe one that works for you. We decided to go with a convertible car seat. This means that we could use it for Emi from the day she was born in the reverse position and then when her shoulders reach a certain level on the car seat we will turn it to forward facing and will be able to use it up until approximately 3 years old.

Another option is to go with a capsule. They are super handy as you can simply take them out of your car and carry your baby in it or pop it into a compatible pram without waking your baby up. If you are on the go a lot or lead a busy lifestyle, a capsule could be the right option for you! Bear in mind though, they are not convertible later on so once your baby outgrows their capsule after a few months, you do need to invest in another convertible car seat.

I opted for a convertible car seat to save some dollars and there were times I wish I had a capsule but I managed without one.

Pram or stroller
I swear by my Bugaboo. While it is a bit on the expensive side, if your baby will spend a lot of time in it (like Emilia does) you will spend a lot of time pushing it around and you will want something that works well for both of you! The Bugaboos also come in a wide range so you are sure to find the right model for you and your needs.

Browse the Bugaboo range here.

Taking care of your baby will literally take up all your time. And while this is amazing, you still need to get some things done every now and then. Free up your hands by getting a sling so you can still keep your baby close and calm while you can easily move around and get things done around the house with two free hands!

Necessities for your new born baby

I’ve tried to keep this list to include only the bare necessities to make your life easier and you may find you need more items than I’ve included in this list but I do hope it will give you a good starting point. Can you think of anything else that you would consider a necessity? I’m all ears so please let me know in the comments!

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