Brisbane Mummy Makeover – Sam Guyatt

Brisbane winner of the Mummy Makeover Competition, Sam Guyatt, shares her special day with us!


I never win anything so I was over the moon but also nervous! I knew it was going to be a big day. It was going to be so different to what I normally do so I was jumping out of my shell from excitement.

I was really looking forward to being made over and having a family photoshoot. It was the first time we’d had professional photos taken.

When I told my partner, Matt, that I won, he looked at me funny like, what are you talking about? He didn’t know anything about the Mummy Makeover. I entered, not thinking I was going to win or anything so I explained what is was and he was excited and happy for me.


Our Sponsor:
Beate Pluta of Be Divine
Outfit up to the value of $200 provided by September Baby
Beate was absolutely lovely. She has a really friendly personality which put me at ease and she is very good at her job. Before shopping, we sat down and had a chat. She asked me a few questions about myself like, what I would normally wear, what I did for a living and she wanted to learn about who I am, as a person.

I told her I wear a lot of black, out of habit, I buy clothes in black because it goes with everything but she told me she could see me in brighter colours.

When we were shopping, she chose the clothes for me to try on and she put everything away. She made shopping a really simple process and made me feel good about myself. I’ll definitely remember to try and wear more colours and not just black, to show my personality a bit more I suppose.


Our Sponsor:
Anita Hughes of ONYX Colour Room
I met the photographer, hair stylist and makeup artist all together at the studio and they were so warm and welcoming.

First, Anita did my hair. She was chatting away and is a very lovely person. She asked if I had any requests. I told her I would like some volume and I wouldn’t say no to curls! She did her thing and at the end it was great! My hair looked really nice!



Our Sponsor:
Nadine Kelly of Nadine Kelly Makeup
Nadine asked if I had a specific look in mind and I told her I would prefer my eyes be emphasised rather than my lips, but other than that, I was pretty open to new things, after all, it was a makeover!

She had a look at the colours in my dress and went from there. My makeup was incredible – amazing. It looked really good. She put false eyelashes on me and did this amazing look with my eyes. They looked really, really blue. I felt absolutely beautiful when I looked in the mirror.


When my husband and kids were on their way to the studio, my 2.5 year old vomited all through the car and on his outfit. Matt had to go home, shower him, find something else for him to wear and come back so they were a bit late but the photographer, Sarah, was just so cool. She offered to go to our house to do the photoshoot if it was easier for us. She was so helpful.

I was excited to see my family because I was all done up and I had already had all my portrait photos done. We had a mini reveal for them because they were going to walk in and see me looking completely different to what I usually do. I was hidden. When I turned around, Matt’s face was absolutely priceless. It was like he was going to start crying. He’s not an overly emotional person. It made me feel really good. It was nice of him to tell me I looked nice.

I often have my glasses on but I had contacts in that day. My son came up to me and asked me where my glasses were.



Our Sponsor:
Sarah McKenzie of Sarah McKenzie Photography
Sarah was incredible. She was an amazing hostess! She provided a plate of nibbles and got me a drink. We were all chatting while I was having my hair and makeup done. She put me at ease and made me comfortable by telling me what to do, but in a fun, casual way.

When we had the family photoshoot, she was so great with the kids! She was making us all laugh with her bubbly, fun personality. I would go back and get photos from her again.

I never take photos of myself, not even selfies. I don’t really like how I look at the moment but I suppose, my kids don’t care how I look, so I should try and be in more photos, regardless of how I think I look.


Someone mentioned their forehead wrinkles on the day and us other ladies couldn’t even see them. It made me realise, we all see our worst features, things that others may not even notice. We are our own worst critics. Every single person has something beautiful about them. We need to see that in ourselves and be confident. That’s something I really want to try to do for myself. I want to stop seeing the negatives and feel confident within myself.

I suppose, having a day like that made me feel really good about myself. I think days like that are important for everyone, but especially mums, because we do put ourselves last. The kids are always put first and everything we do is for them. We neglect ourselves and we need to start looking after ourselves.



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