Canberra Mummy Makeover – Mindy Bush

Canberra winner of the Mummy Makeover Competition, Mindy Bush, shares her special day with us!


We were at my sons second birthday when I got the notification on my phone that I had won. I was pretty excited! I told everyone at the party! My husband, Justin, was apprehensive at first about what the photography would be like. He was afraid of what to expect but he was happy I got to go out and have some money spent on me.

I was pretty excited and a little bit nervous at the same time. I think going shopping with a stranger was nerve wracking but I was happy to have a day out by myself (without any children)!

I was so excited to get the family photos. My youngest son, Lachlan, has typical second child syndrome. We have lots of our first born, Oliver, but not many of us with Lachlan, so, I was really excited to get some nice photos as a family.


Our Sponsor:
Kimberley Sara of The Style Side
Outfit up to the value of $200 provided by September Baby

Kim is fantastic! I got there early to get a coffee so we sat down and had a quick chat. She asked me what my preference of style was and what I was looking for. It was really nice because she had shops in mind already.

The experience was great. I walked in to the change room and Kim gave me clothes to try on. All of them were hits! We just had to find something that would work with the photos. Luckily, all the outfits went together in the end. I got a dress, earrings and a bracelet!

We chatted about what staple items of clothing I should have for a casual look. She showed me different materials, like, a plain white shirt, when made of a nicer material, looks a little snazzier! I also learnt to try something on before deciding I don’t like something. Sometimes clothes don’t look as good on the hanger as they do once you actually try them on.


Our Sponsor:
Cassandra Cudmore of Cassandra Lee Makeup

I had actually worked with Cass before so it was nice to catch up with her. She already knew my skin and colour palette and I walked in and told her to do what she wanted! We had talked previously about a natural-glam look but I walked out looking more glam than natural and I was fine with that because we ended up going out for dinner after.

Cass is so good at what she does. She is lovely. I’m always at ease and never worried about my makeup when she does it. She knows what she’s doing!

I asked her how I can get rid of the dark circles under my eyes and she told me to increase my water intake. She always has handy tips!


After my makeover, I felt great! I always have that little extra bit of confidence when I’m done up! My husband, Justin, was pretty excited. When we were looking through photos I took on snapchat, he said “Oh my god! Your’e so hot!” It was nice! Being a Mum of two, sometimes I don’t feel hot, so it was nice to feel that way again.


Our Sponsor:
Kayleigh McGlynn of Kayleigh McGlynn Photography
It torrentially poured with rain on the way to the photoshoot. There was lightning, thunder and hail. The rain was so heavy, I had to pull over on the way until it slowed down. We finally got to location and the rain stopped!

While we we were being photographed in the middle of the oval, the winds came up and we got caught in the rain, so, my nice curly hair got washed away but we got some nice photos of us running in the rain and of Oliver jumping in the puddles. The rain ended up working to our advantage.

Kaleigh was great! We aren’t shy in front of the camera which makes it easier for us all but she snapped away and got lots of nice, natural photos of us. If we had a suggestion, she was happy to hear them. She was easy to work with and very welcoming. We are so happy with our photos.

I try to get in front of the camera and to encourage my husband to take photos. It’s worth it because when I’m older and my children are older, they don’t care if I don’t have my hair or makeup done, they will just care that I’m in the photos with them.


After my Mummy Makeover day, we went home and changed because we were covered in mud! We went out for an early dinner and we were home by 7pm. Once the boys were showered and in bed, I got to sit around with my husband and I felt like that was a really nice way to end the day.

Thank you to September Baby for putting on the promotion. I entered not thinking I’d win and you just never know!


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