Darwin Mummy Makeover – Bree Connell

Darwin winner of the Mummy Makeover Competition, Bree Connell, shares her special day with us!


I was quite anxious because I was uncomfortable with the idea of people dressing me and having photos taken. I hoped it was going to be a nice experience. To be honest, I was really looking forward to having some time out. I was hoping to get some advice from the stylist on how to freshen up my look and, basically, get out of the slump I’d been in.

When I told my husband, James, that I won, he thought it was a joke! I haven’t ever won anything, so, it was all a bit exciting. He was supportive and excited that I could focus on myself for a day.


Our Sponsor:
Casuarina Square

Special thanks to Jo Moo, resident stylist of Casuarina Square & Darwin fashion icon
Outfit up to the value of $200 provided by September Baby

Casuarina Square has a wide variety of stores and fantastic food outlets. All of the staff are so friendly.

Their resident stylist, Jo Moo, was amazing! Her skills are incredible. She had clothes prepared at each store for me to try on and knew what she was talking about. She asked me to try on things I never usually would and that’s one of the outfits I ended up choosing.

I am short and Jo’s biggest tip was to wear a higher waistline to lengthen my legs. I learnt not to wear baggier clothes to hide my figure, instead, highlight my waistline to make me look slimmer.

If anyone is looking for a personal stylist, contact Casuarina Square! I can’t talk highly enough about Jo.


Our Sponsor:
Nicole Boubaris of Nicole Boubaris Makeup Artistry

Nicole was very warm and welcoming. She did a wonderful job with my makeup. She listened to what I wanted and did the look I was hoping for.


My family thought I looked amazing. My husband opened the door and he came in with our children. They ran up to me and said they liked my dress, even though it wasn’t a dress. My daughter, Isabella, said I looked really pretty, which was nice. My husband is very shy but told me I looked amazing which was big for him in terms of public display of affection!


Our Sponsor:
Amy Weir of Weir Couture

Amy was very easy going. The shoot had a relaxed feel but she was experienced. She knew which way to position us and we didn’t have to pose for ages because she was fast at taking the photos.

I had to get redressed for the family photo shoot because we had already chosen all of our outfits to match.

This year, I have been trying to get in front of the camera with my family. I think women are crazy for not getting in the photo. It’s really important that we stop being obsessed with the way we look and get in the photo to capture what’s happening at the time, rather than being concerned about looking perfect.

I will definitely continue doing it in the future. Even now, looking back at photos we have taken this year, I remember at the time feeling uncomfortable or thinking they aren’t good but they are great photos and memories.


After my Mummy Makeover day I felt confident and comfortable. I still had to go home, cook dinner and put the kids to bed but it was a nice day out to focus on myself and I had a lot of fun.

Although it’s always hard to find the time to do things for myself, I will definitely try. I think we are better at parenting and our jobs if we have had a little bit of time to ourselves. We all need to revamp and revive.

I felt really grateful, to everyone involved, especially to September Baby. It was such a kind, well organised event and to run it across Australia was unbelievable because normally, Northern Territory never get included in events!


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