Looking After Mama

As mums, we put everyone else’s needs before our own.

While this is extremely noble, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind mums that it’s far from selfish to do something for you. Since becoming a mum, I have gained weight and went nine months without a haircut! It made me realise just how easy it is to neglect your own needs in place of giving everything to your little human.

Little ones need you 24/7 and it seems almost impossible to find the time (or free hands) to make dinner, let alone treat yourself. That’s why I’ve put together a list of things you can do WITH bub that will make you feel half human again.

Exercise with bub

When you become a mum, exercise is the first thing to go out the window. In place of going to the gym or attending fitness classes, why not exercise with your bub. Prep the pram, pack a bag of essentials and head out on a long walk with your little one. If you can’t get outdoors, why not browse the net for some fitness Youtube videos. Better yet, find some strength exercises you can do with your baby, using them as weights.

Nap with bub

While it might seem obvious, this piece of advice is ignored by most mums. It’s easy to see your baby’s nap time as the perfect opportunity to catch up with housework. But seriously, the mopping can wait. Your baby isn’t a baby for long, so use the time to snuggle up and snooze together.

Meet another mum and bub for a picnic

As a mum, it’s important to stay social. Coffee dates are a staple for new mums, but to be honest, meeting up for coffee makes me anxious. I never know how Emi will be feeling on the day and the stress of planning for the unknown is exhausting. For a much more positive experience, head to the local park or beach with another mummy. Throw down a blanket, share some fruit and have a chat. Meanwhile the babies can crawl around and get some fresh air. To find out more about the benefits of interacting with other mothers, click here.

Have a bath with bub

Nothing is quite as relaxing as a bath, so why not spend bath time with your little one. Go all out and don’t skimp on the luxury. Light candles, put in bubbles and play some relaxing music. The skin-to-skin contact is beneficial for both you and your baby, while the bubbles can act as sensory play for bub.

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