Melbourne Mummy Makeover – Steph Joseph

Melbourne winner of the Mummy Makeover Competition, Steph Joseph, shares her special day with us!

We left Yarram at 11am and stopped half way to have lunch. The kids were well behaved! They slept the whole way into the city.

When we arrived, we checked into our hotel, watched a movie and went out for dinner. It was a long drive but overall, a pretty relaxing day.

I was feeling really nervous because the day was going to be all about me and I was going to be the centre of attention. I was excited to go shopping with a personal stylist and to see what clothes she was going to choose for me.

When I told my husband, Mark, that I had won, his first thought was it’s a scam! He didn’t realise I entered, he just saw my message saying I won a Mummy Makeover. He wasn’t sure if it was real. I told him I know September Baby and it was legit. He was really excited after that! He had to arrange work around it and help with the kids but he was very excited for me.


Our Sponsor:
Chelsea Brice of Chelsea Brice Personal Stylist & Makeup Artist
Outfit up to the value of $200 provided by September Baby

Chelsea rang me before the Mummy Makeover Day and asked me what I wanted to get out of my shopping session and what clothes I’m comfortable in.

She did pre-shopping in Myer and had things ready for me to try on because we had a time limit but it was the most successful shopping trip I’ve ever had. Usually, I would take fifty things into the change room and pick two but she chose things that she knew would look nice and she picked things that fit me properly. She chose things I wouldn’t have picked out. My favourite things were the ones I wasn’t sure about.

Chelsea is fantastic. She’s really warm and inviting and treated me like I was her friend. It made it less nerve-wracking because I felt like I already knew her. She made shopping easy because she knew what she was looking for and she knew what would fit me.

Now, I try to remember quality over quantity. I tend to go to cheaper shops and buy heaps of clothes, but we picked a couple of things up which were really nice, quality clothes that are going to last. They feel a bit more mature and sophisticated and makes me feel a bit nicer.


Our Sponsor:
Jodie Porter of Jodie Porter Hair & Makeup

It was nice to take a breathe after my hectic morning! Jodie was so relaxed. She knew all the colours that would work on my skin and go with my outfit. She was great, I loved having my makeup done through her. She was very complimentary. She told me I have a nice natural lip colour and I don’t need to wear lipstick. She made me feel really pretty.

I learnt how to do my eyebrows a little more natural looking and was introduced to some products I hadn’t seen before. Jodie did my most favourite makeup I’ve ever had done, even compared to my wedding and other occasions. It was so beautiful.


When I saw my family, I felt really confident and beautiful. My son, Noah told me he thought my hair was really pretty. It was nice to see my boys again and the way they were looking at me was lovely.


Our Sponsor:
Fi Mims of Fi Mims Photography

Fi is great! She took some glam shots of me in the beginning in sequin pants and with an air machine. It made me feel like a superstar before our family photos. She did some really awesome glamour shots. It was lots of fun. In the time we were there, she got so many shots, and really made the most out of it.

She has experience with kids. She was doing everything to get them to smile. Noah was in such a bad mood and cuddling into me, crying, but Fi was so persistent and eventually, she made a fart joke which perked him up and he was a new boy! He was a mini model for the rest of the shoot.

I take more photos than anyone else in the family. It’s hard to find a photo of me with the kids. It will be nice to have some photos to treasure. I have to try and take more family photos at home.


After the Mummy Makeover Day, we drove half way home to our friends house so we could eat and the kids could play for a little. We put them back in the car when it was their bed time and we got home at about 10.30pm. It was a long couple of days but it was really worth it. It was the best trip to Melbourne we have ever had.

I really loved just being the centre of attention for the day. It was really nice. As a mum, you spend all day thinking about your kids and doing everything for your kids. It was really nice to do something for me. It was fun.


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