Our Story

Welcome to September Baby – a place where mums come together and support each other.

September Baby is all about you and your baby. We have curated some of the best Australian baby products on the market to give you and your bub the best start together. Our product range will regularly be updated and extended – we’re just making sure all new products are up to our standards before we add them to the range. Right now, you can browse through our flagship collection of items for you and bub or create a baby shower gift box for a special Mama.

But September Baby offers more than just great baby products. Most importantly, September Baby is designed to be a safe haven for all first-time mums and mums-to-be looking for support.

No matter what advice you are searching for or how you are feeling about your capabilities as a mum, you are not alone. If you are looking to extend your support network or if you are looking for answers to questions you are too embarrassed or uncomfortable to ask anyone else, you’ve come to the right place. I created September Baby with the vision of a positive and relatable safe space to which like-minded women can come to find new perspectives; a place where we don’t pass judgement on each other but rather try to figure out motherhood together.