Perth Mummy Makeover – Kimberley Jarvey

Perth winner of the Mummy Makeover Competition, Kimberley Jarvey, shares her special day with us!


I was a bit anxious about the Mummy Makeover Day. I just wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m a stay at home Mum so I take care of the house and our son, Liam, but I don’t really do much for myself anymore.

I was excited to have a personal stylist to give me her opinion on what clothes would suit me. I’m really tall and I feel like a lot of things don’t suit me.

My husband, Darren was surprised when I told him I won. He was excited for me to do something for myself. He was really supportive and happy for me.


Our Sponsor:
Claire Langlands of Living In Style
Outfit up to the value of $200 provided by September Baby

When I met Claire, she explained what she does and asked a few questions about me like what I would normally wear and what I like and don’t like about my body.

We went into a few stores to try on some different styles and narrowed down which styles give me the shape I wanted. I tried on, what felt like, a hundred pieces of clothing. It was really good. I would never have tried on the outfit we picked if I wasn’t shopping with Claire. I felt so comfortable in it, which is important to me, being a Mum, but it looked amazing too. I fell in love with it and after trying on more clothes, nothing else caught my eye, so we went back straight away and got it, along with a few accessories to go with it.

The main thing I learnt from Claire is to try something on and not to just look at it on the hanger and think it’s not going to work because I was surprised that a lot of things looked quite nice.


Our Sponsor:
Elsie Tan of Elsie Hair & Makeup

When I got to the photographers studio, I met the photographer first and she was amazing. She made me feel so comfortable and beautiful. I met Elsie not long after and she was really lovely.

She asked me what makeup I usually wear, what my skin type is and went through some options for my hair. She explained what colours would suit my skin and what would go well with my outfit. We discussed the options with the photographer to make sure it would look good in the photos as well.

Elsie did a great job. I’ve never looked like that before. The lip colour she used suited the colour of my skin so I want to buy it. I never normally wear lipstick. It’s on my Christmas wish list.

I normally try to do curls with my hair because it’s long and thin but it was nice to have it done professionally. I’ve never been able to achieve loose curls like she did.


When my partner walked in, he wolf whistled at me so that made me feel comfortable and reassured me that I looked okay. My son barely recognised me!


Our Sponsor:
Sharon Gerschwitz of ShaBo Studio

Sharon was amazing. I think the photoshoot was my favorite part of the whole experience. She made me so comfortable and gave me a brief background about herself and her clients and showed me some of her work.

During the photoshoot, she explained how I should hold my body. She was so good with Liam. He was teething and really grumpy that day. She took her time. We didn’t feel rushed and she took lots of photos.

I think having the photoshoot gave me more confidence and made me want to be in more family photos, not just all of my partner and son. I saw my family that afternoon and they told me to get in front of the camera to get a photo. They encouraged me to get some nice family moments.


I was pretty tired at the end of the day. It was a long photoshoot but I was really happy and content with myself and my appearance. I loved how perfect my hair and makeup was! That’s the most comfortable I’ve been about how I look since before I had Liam.

Since becoming a Mum, I kind of lost myself for a while but this experience has taught me so much. It’s nice to actually feel comfortable in clothes because I know I’m styling myself properly. I think I realised it’s okay to feel good about myself and it’s important to have my own time, not as a mum, but as Kim.

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