Sydney Mummy Makeover – Brittany Hevey

Sydney winner of the Mummy Makeover Competition, Brittany Hevey, shares her special day with us!


I was excited, but I was also really nervous. Confidence is something I don’t have a lot of, so, while I was looking forward to the pampering, there was an element of nervous as well.

I was really excited to be doing something for myself for a change. I have two kids and everything I do revolves around my family so it was going to be nice to focus on me for a minute.

I had heard of Antoniette from All About Style through a friend of mine. I would have loved to do a styling session with her, but I never had the spare money to do it. I have been following her for about a year now so as soon as I saw it was her, I was so excited.

When I told my husband, Aaron, he was so shocked! He told me I’m a selfless person and it would be good to do something for me for a change. He knows I don’t do it enough so he was super excited for me.

I love photographing my kids, but I’m rarely in front of the camera. After I found out I won, I told my husband that I’m never in front of the camera and he said he will make more of an effort to get me in photos with the kids.


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Antoinette Stonham of All About Style
Outfit up to the value of $200 provided by September Baby

Shopping with Antoinette was amazing! I’m body conscious but I felt confident straight away in front of her. I told her about the areas I hate but she was focusing on the good parts, like, I don’t like my bum but she told me I have a good bum for jeans!

Once the nerves went away, I had so much fun learning about what clothes suit my body shape. The biggest lesson I took from my experience with Antoinette is that, we have the body we have, and we should really love it and appreciate it.

I’m short and I’ve always worn long baggy tops to hide my body because I’m self conscious but she told me that instead of pulling shirts down, wear shirts that stop where my hips are because it will make my torso look longer.

The shirt I was wearing on the day was a size 22. I feel really self conscious about showing my figure but she showed me some clothes that were a little more fitted and I left in a size 16. Usually, I would never buy anything under a size 20. I’ve learnt to wear clothes that fit me better.


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Cay Duque of Cay Duque Hair & Makeup

When I was getting my hair and makeup done by Cay, I was feeling really relaxed. I love getting my hair and makeup done. I was chilling out and I actually almost fell asleep! Cay was so nice we were chatting a lot. She was amazing. We were laughing, joking and talking about our kids.

When she was doing my makeup, she was giving me some tips about skin care routines, how I could apply makeup better and things that are better suited to the look I want. She suggested I use a gel for my eyebrows instead of a pencil. No one has ever done my eyebrows, the way I’ve wanted them done, and she did them exactly how I wanted! She blended it all in so well and my makeup was flawless. Later that evening, I was going through the supermarket to get milk and some stuff for dinner and people were commenting on my makeup. One lady told me I look so lovely.


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Zanelle Walter of helloBABY™ Photography

After makeup, I quickly got dressed. It was bucketing down with rain and the photographer, Zee, asked if we were concerned about getting wet, but we weren’t, and she got some AWESOME shots of us in the rain!

She went well beyond what she needed to do and was so adventurous and energetic. The kids were really excited, and a bit crazy, but Zee was so good at calming them down and getting them to stay focused.


She told me I look amazing and was complimenting me. I’m a little bit self conscious of my hips and she taught me to position my arm in a certain way to feel more confident in the photos. I was laughing and I told her not to make me laugh because my face will look funny but she reminded me natural is beautiful.


When I saw my husband later that night my makeup was still perfect but my hair was soaked from the rain! He told me I looked beautiful and he loved my outfit. I’ve lost about 15kg recently and when I asked him to check the care instructions on the dress, he noticed it was a size 16 and gave me a high five.

It was a big day! There was a lot of travel and so many things to take in because everything happened one after the other. It wasn’t until I got home and relaxed that I was just blown away. I don’t think I’ll ever spend money on myself to do anything like that again. It was a once in a lifetime thing to do. I’ll definitely remember it forever. It was one of the best days I’ve had in my entire life.

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