Tasmania Mummy Makeover – Sheree Templar

Tasmania winner of the Mummy Makeover Competition, Sheree Templar, shares her special day with us!


For my Mummy Makeover Day, I had to drive to Melainne’s studio in Ulverstone where I was going to have my hair and makeup done followed by a family photo shoot! I was pretty excited but mostly nervous. I couldn’t wait to see what they did with my hair, makeup and outfit/s.

When I told my partner, Eric, I had won, he was excited for me and that we would get some family photos… but not thrilled about having to have his photo taken (he’s a tad camera shy)!


Our Sponsor:
Melainne Kelly of Art Photography by Melainne Kelly

Hair & Makeup by Stacey Joyce
Voucher for new outfit up to the value of $200 provided by September Baby

I got to Melainne’s studio and was instantly made to feel at ease and welcome. During hair and makeup I felt relaxed and pampered! I picked up a few tips on lipstick application and learnt how to apply fake eyelashes! It was so nice to have someone else style my hair and do my makeup. It’s amazing how different it made me look and feel.

I had trouble picking an outfit so I took a whole pile of outfits with me. I ended up wearing some of the dresses Melainne had in her studio as well, she had so many amazing dresses!

With my $200 gift voucher, I bought a beautiful ‘We Are Kindred’ dress which was on sale! It’s a light blue, floral, wrap dress and because it wasn’t cheap, it’s something I, otherwise, wouldn’t have bought for myself. I also bought a handmade necklace. Thank you September Baby!


My girls were both excited to see their Mummy. My three year old thought I had a princess dress on. Eric thought I looked pretty, so that was nice.


Our Sponsor:
Melainne Kelly of Art Photography by Melainne Kelly

Melainne is amazing at what she does! I was a bit awkward because I hadn’t had a photo shoot like that before but she helped me “pose” without any worry. I will always remember the last dress I wore. It was a two piece and had so much tulle. It was amazing! I also loved having our family photos. Trying to get the girls to look at the camera and smile at the same time was funny. My Mum was pulling faces and jumping around behind Melainne to achieve this (the girls are 1 and 3).

I have slowly started trying to be in front of the camera more, but it is hard and I mostly still just take photos of the girls.


After the Mummy Makeover Day, I was pretty exhausted but I felt really excited about the day. It was a wonderful experience and I’m extremely grateful to everyone who was involved in giving me this special day.

I think it has made me realise how much a bit of pampering can do to lift you and make you feel beautiful. Most of the time I feel like a plain old Mum but on this day I felt like a beautiful Mum.

Thank you.

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