Theme ideas for your bub’s first birthday

After all the trials and ups and downs of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood, a child’s first birthday is not only a day to celebrate your darling bub, but also your own successes as a mother. We recently celebrated Emilia’s first birthday and although we opted for a farm theme, here are a few other 1st birthday party themes I thought were super cute!

Woodland One-derland

Why not celebrate with a woodland animal party? Perfect for a boy or girl, this theme is both versatile and adorable. Decorate using hessian, wicker and log discs (logs sliced into flat circles). Small log discs can be used as coasters, whereas larger discs can be used as placemats.

Tables can be given a woodland vibe by covering them in a simple white cloth and then adding a strip of hessian through the middle. Organise snacks in cane baskets and spread wildflowers around. Party signage can be written on chalkboards and party food can be labelled using small chalkboard pickets.

Raid your soft toy collection and look for classic woodland creatures (foxes, racoons, bears, deer, owls) and place them around the place. Purchase woodland themed invitations and bags for party favours to complete the theme.
While a woodland themed party is best suited outside, it could easily work indoors too.

Baby Boho

If you have a little girl, a Boho themed party is adorable and sweet way to celebrate. First, choose a Boho colour theme. The most popular combination is dusky pink, mint and cream, with highlights of gold.

For decorations think feathers and lace. Hang dream catchers and wind chimes in trees and decorate tables with lace, hessian and pink and cream flowers. You can also spray paint pinecones gold to use as decorations.

Create some tepees with bamboo stakes, hessian rope, pegs and sheets (or buy them ready made like I would haha). Place some blankets and cushions inside to create a cosy hideaway that can also be used for photo-shoots. This theme is designed for the outdoors, but with a bit of creativity you could make it work inside.

Darling Dinosaurs

If you have a little boy, why not opt for a dinosaur themed party? Start with bright colours, such as bright orange, leafy green and pale blue, and then move onto decorations. The key to this theme is opting for cartoon looking dinosaurs (rather than more realistic ones). Purchase a few plastic or soft toy dinosaurs to spread around the place. You can put them on the tables with food, or on couches and beside doorways.

For party food, serve dinosaur shaped cookies and cupcakes topped with dinosaur cut-outs on toothpicks. For a cake, you can get adventurous by designing a dinosaur shaped cake. Otherwise you can bake a regular cake and ice it with bright colours and add dinosaur cake toppers (or if you’re like me and are terrible at baking just buy one… there’s nothing wrong with being terrible at baking).

Purchase dinosaur themed invitations, party bags, cups, napkins and party favours to complete the look. You can even dress your little one in a dinosaur onesie for added cuteness!

Over to you

As always, we’d love to hear your own ideas and experiences. Have you attended any great first birthday parties lately? What theme have you chosen for your bub’s first birthday? Let us know in the comments below.

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